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Artist Statement(4 pictures)
October Abstracts, Oct., 2005
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Artist's Statement and Resume:
My art training began in 1980 with a part-time study program in Depth Psychology, the psychology of the unconscious. I took courses at the C.G. Jung Institute in San Francisco, and an MA Degree in Archetypal Psychology followed.
Clear linkage to archetypal images by post-impressionist painters intrigued me, particularly artists in Europe and New York in the mid-twentieth century, like Rothko, Motherwell, Newman,Stael,Nolde and German abstract expressionists. I experimented in non-objective and abstracted imagery, zeroing in on intuition and introspection, while studying with local artists and a wide range of mentors from around the country.
My process is to plaster on vibrant patches of paint in unbounded colors until it looks cohesive in spite of itself. In Denver my mentor has been the respected abstract painter, Dale Chisman(www.dalechisman.com.)